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I require an IP CCTV System


Note a IP cctv system is more better than HD systems although HD system quality is mostly just as good, They can be run via your existing internet network or via the standalone NVR which is the better option as it does not require the network to record, in addition some IP cameras have ther own SD cards to record a back up copy directly in camera and replenmish the foortage to the NVR after a network loss, Simular to HD IP cameras are availavle in

2MP, 4MP, 5MP, 4K (8-12MP)

and are also available in full colour at night using a built in bright white or warm led instead of IR Leds & some now have Active Deterence which feature white & flasing blue & red leds which works in conjuction with the AI fuction to detect People or Vehicles while disregarding leaves and trees and animals etc, and can distinguish weather a person is male or female, wearing glasses or not, if they have a beard or and even the colour of clothes they are wearing etc all these additional AI features are also built into the camera itself which is another advantage other HD which mostly relies on the XVR for its AI functions.