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We are Installers of cctv Surveillance Camera Systems & Intruder Alarms, Intercoms Systems & Door Entry Access Systems, we are based in Birmingham West Midlands in the UK. We supply and install all types of security equipment and smart home technology for the domestic home customer as well as all types of commercial businesses, We also fit cctv systems in all types of vehicles.


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Check out our product page for stand alone DVRs, XVR's & NVR's, Dome cameras, Night vision cameras, Full colour at night cameras, AI cameras, Spy cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom cameras (PTZ's), Wireless cameras, Monitors, Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems & Door Access Systems.

We have access to a wide range of security products, but they are all not featured on our website, prices for items not on website will be available in your free quote.

All our cctv systems can be viewed live online from any where in the world, And most of our cctv systems now have mobile video alert, sending cctv images & live videos of intruders, also all our alarm systems have the option for self monitoring, so that the system will alert you in the event of an intruder, via a phone call or text message or via smart phone app where you can also turn your alarm system on & off and check status of your alarm system from any where in the world. You can even answer the door via the same cctv app via an IP intercom system.

We also offer Redcare for our alarm systems required by most business insurance company's, with direct contact from the alarm receiving centre (ARC) to the keyholder, or directly to our Approved security company who will respond 24 hours per day all year round, and check building for intruders and alert police where necessary,

Or when the Redcare system is linked with one of our cctv systems the Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) will confirm intruder visually and alert Police instantly.

For a free no obligation home or business survey call or email our sales team and we will book an appointment for an engineer to come around, Installation prices are different for every job, and depends on the customers installation requirements, but we have various prices shown on our Contact page.